Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deepavali single -track ride ~ 26Oct 2011~

Hello - Hello Fans,

Yes, its been too long due to heavy work and others work commitment..
We did some rides also but didnt manage to take good pictures.

Bit of info from our last XC ride its about 35km in total as in 1 loop, all in 1 climbing, down hill, gravel and the best SINGLE - TRACK in the shades :-)..its only about 45minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city

Please enjoy the photos!!

double track on the 1st ascent..

wide muddy single-track..

Another ascent and bit expose..highly recommended start early in the morning..

Ride now before this turn into a highway road :(

1st rest point, its about 10km from the starting point, refreshing clear water stream..

Single-tracks in the shades, very fast and cooling

bit technical but this is all about Mountain Biking..

White Water rafting after a hot ride!? Why not ...Jomm

show off!!
ride with the water buffalo or local call it 'karabau'

More fun rides onwards after this photo but camera no battery already , another about 15km to ending points, where food is waiting hehe..

Till the next adventure of the HHCS gang rides..See you and keep on riding for more healthy lifestyle!!

Thanks for viewing

King Art

p/s : can email me if anybody interested on this ride @

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