Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deepavali single -track ride ~ 26Oct 2011~

Hello - Hello Fans,

Yes, its been too long due to heavy work and others work commitment..
We did some rides also but didnt manage to take good pictures.

Bit of info from our last XC ride its about 35km in total as in 1 loop, all in 1 climbing, down hill, gravel and the best SINGLE - TRACK in the shades :-)..its only about 45minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city

Please enjoy the photos!!

double track on the 1st ascent..

wide muddy single-track..

Another ascent and bit expose..highly recommended start early in the morning..

Ride now before this turn into a highway road :(

1st rest point, its about 10km from the starting point, refreshing clear water stream..

Single-tracks in the shades, very fast and cooling

bit technical but this is all about Mountain Biking..

White Water rafting after a hot ride!? Why not ...Jomm

show off!!
ride with the water buffalo or local call it 'karabau'

More fun rides onwards after this photo but camera no battery already , another about 15km to ending points, where food is waiting hehe..

Till the next adventure of the HHCS gang rides..See you and keep on riding for more healthy lifestyle!!

Thanks for viewing

King Art

p/s : can email me if anybody interested on this ride @

Thursday, August 12, 2010

XC Ride inanam - 10/08/10 -25km

Hi Guys,

Million apology for being very slow uploading the blog due to heavy schedule but ride is always on tuesday & thursday Owl ride and weekend XC

We also take this opportunity wishing All our Muslim Friend's 'Selamat Berpuasa'...

Below photo's is our last XC ride before Ramadhan start from left Rezal, Ino, Zam Jom jom, selester & Rayner

We started at 7am and to Zam Jom Jom suprised to conquer the moma's behind us, straight ascent for about 400meter..

As you can see, somebody is at the top 1st and manage to take this photo, still not half way..

Still ascending..

At the top of the hill..this is how you rest after a hard climb..hehehe steady bah bro..

Entering to the best part single track..

Nice and shaded..

Fun's begin, paddling power Chain VS Leg = Leg winnn's..No problem for Ino to fix it only take a second, so make sure next time ride bring a mechanic and a chain ring with you!

Traffic jam in the single track..Digi man infront and we are singing 'Iwill follow youuu"

Its been very wet so far and Muddy trail, but hey this is all about mountain Biking ..

Mr Jom catching some breath and it was a nice day where all the way were shaded

Not many use this track so obvious on the bushes just be extra careful on riding

No worries guys no need gps on this track..

Out from the single track and heading home, but still 1 moma's to go infront, didnt managed to take picture coz no battery..

Refueling after 25km ride yep the 1 and only Fish kon law men, hope I spell it correctly, yum yum and You must go there and try and see the recipe behind it..

Till the next ride we meet again with more new trail and new riders..Keep on riding!!

Next Project Hillbiker after Raya
Bundutuhan - Tambunan we might stay 1 night for this...keep you guys posted

Friday, April 30, 2010

Tudan - Kiulu Track - 24th April 2010

Hi Hillbiker's Fan! we go again with another new Adventure track with our newest member from right Lan,Ino & Potoi potoi 3rd from the right..this is their orientation ride that they CANNOT forget ;-).. as always our GP thanks again to Mat..

The track start from Gunung Emas and ends at Kiulu and yes it sound never ending but YES we did it cross over unlimited mama's (crocker range ) estimated about 38-40km, the track consist of pushing and carying bike, we start at 0900hrs and reach ending point at 1800hrs..

Fueling up before the start coz we have to drive about 30minutes from Penampang to the starting point, so we have enough time to digest whatever for breakfast..and please notice that all are still smiling by than as excited and anxious to ride this new track..(cross finger hehe)

The start was DH about 10km on this earth road, which hitting the brake which we have to stop to cool it off..and fine gravel make's it very loose but lucky the road is wide and heard in few years time this road will connects Kiulu..
Another ride down with a splendid view ...

Cant help it must take this shot..and that day was a fantastic weather..Lan took video and hope to upload it as soon he finish editing..

Zoom down...white building is where we start entering the forest ..

Road just graded..
Part of mountain biking pushhhhh....

Start off point, local primary school and check out their ride's :-)

Entering the unknown track..god give us strenght!

Lan pointing we started...

Old school bamboo bridge crossing..

1st village we met and only about 2-3house in this village and notice power is supply by using solar, which subsidies by gov..

Still around the village..
Our lunch stop at about 1230hrs..

Continued and Lan showing off his plastic bike(carbon) and yes it is an advantage to have a light bike on this track..
150meter long old bridge, we cross slowly and have doubt it might break hehe

We arrive at the ending point, and actually more drama along the way but didnt manage to take it on my camera..
we was the last to arrived it was almost dark...

Another 3km ride to this canteen, lucky is still open for re-fuelling, tired, sweat and tireed face, but YES we did it! congrats guys and will meet again in our next Adveture!